man holding a Bible

It’s Not My Movie

Dear Friends: You will see a picture of Jose from Wednesday. Jose has had a turn-around in his life and has become a great encourager of others on the street. One of my favorite quotes from the new Jose is this–“It’s not my movie.” His point is that each of

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Coronavirus News

From Pastor Taylor March 18, 2020, Update Sunday Worship and Night Church Postponed Thanks to each one of you for your prayers in these challenging times. We will provide the worship service live on Facebook at Graffiti E.7th Baptist Church.*** Please continue to pray for Graffiti and how all of

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graffiti depicting arrows, spray painted on a wall

Most Giving Is Really a Trade

I heard someone say this last week—”Most giving is really a trade.” I keep thinking about it. How much of love is really a trade? When someone sings, “I can’t live without you”—are they really thinking about what is best for the other person?  If we go to a church

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red heart

A Wise Heart

“A wise heart knows the right time and way.” Ecclesiastes 8:5 Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible talk a lot about knowledge and understanding and wisdom. There are things we need to know, but knowledge sometimes is not enough. A person can know a lot and still be a fool,

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graffiti of a crocodile

The Devil’s Turf

However we express it, we all know deep down that there are some things in life that we will need to resist.  We have a fight of faith in life, not a fight against people or circumstances, but a fight for faith through those challenges. Anxiety is the devil’s turf.  It grinds

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