Graffiti 2

Graffiti 2 launched in 2005 with a goal of revitalizing, reviving, and revolutionizing their community. The programs they offer focus on enabling individuals to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually so that they may become servant-leaders within their families, community, and beyond. Deeply rooted, they offer church services, summer camp, a free after school program, and workforce development.

Location: Mott Haven, Bronx

Team Leader: Andrew Mann

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Graffiti 3

Graffiti 3 Ministries serves through free legal help, after school tutoring, hunger programs, job training, and church fellowship. They envision their community becoming a place where opportunity is met with potential in the name of Christ. Their mission is to Reach Out (show God’s love in tangible ways), Build Strong (mentor and create disciples), and Seek Up (come together as a church community).

Location: Brownsville, Brooklyn

Team Leader: Patrick Baez

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Graffiti 4

Gotta Serve Community Ministries, or Graffiti 4, is dedicated to bringing Christ’s love to all people through serving the community by way of Bible studies, prayer groups and service projects. Gotta Dance is one of the primary programs of “Gotta Serve Community Ministries” with a mission to celebrate the gift of dance with students of all ages by providing the highest quality of dance education.

Location: Hicksville, Long Island

Team Leader: Kareem Goubran

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Graffiti 5

Graffiti Coney Island, also known as Graffiti 5, is a ministry based, kingdom focused church serving the Coney Island community located in Brooklyn, New York City. Through discipleship, outreach, worship, and meeting practical needs, their desire in every aspect of their ministry is to love God and love people. Visit their website for more information on how you can connect and participate with them.

Location: Coney Island, Brooklyn

Team Leader: Stephen Trainer

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Upside Down

So often, we think “church” first, but Jesus taught us another way. He started with ministry, meeting needs first. His ministry grew people’s faith, and then he built the church on that faith. Learn with us principles for applying Jesus’s example and turning the world upside down. Learn more about the available resources, training opportunities, and events on the website below.

Location: 5 Boroughs NYC

Team Leader: Andrew Mann

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Night Church

If you find it hard to make morning service, Graffiti’s Night Church may be right up your alley! Doors open at 6pm, for coffee and conversation. Worship starts at 6:30, and Small Groups follow. With a different flavor and different crowd then our morning service, Night Church may be just the place for you to discover God or grown in your spiritual walk.

Location: Graffiti Church, NYC

Team Leader: Andrew Nemr

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