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Trained child care is available for kids 5 months – 4 years

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We are a Bible-based church that recognizes Jesus as the Son of God who became a human, died, and was raised from the dead in payment for our sins. Because of His sacrifice, we are able to know and walk with God. This relationship begins with each individual making a decision to repent from the old, human way, and to follow Him toward a new life – God’s way. With this decision, one receives the love and direction of the Holy Spirit who helps give God’s instructions for day-to-day living. We trust the Bible as our guide and see the Scriptures as the complete and inspired word of God.


If you feel that you have found a solid place to seek God’s calling on your life, we invite you to join Graffiti as a member. This may be done by sharing your new decision about faith, followed by baptism; by transfer of membership from another church; or, with a statement of your faith to the congregation (for those already baptized by immersion as believers). After a decision has been made to join, new members can discover what Graffiti is all about through exploring membership in one of our New Member classes.


Baptism is portrayed throughout the New Testament as a sign of responding to Christ’s call to a new life. At Graffiti, it is an outward expression of your own inner decision to follow Jesus’ example. We believe baptism is an important step of obedience and one to be greatly celebrated. If you are interested in being baptized by immersion, simply let one of the pastors know and they will help you through the process.

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