Wish List Items

Our programs can flourish exponentially when items are contributed to be used by our team leaders and for building maintenance. Our budget may be limited, but our God is abundant!

Movie Gift Card

Our Youth Director has requested gift cards to local movie theaters for youth outings. Our groups can range from 5 - 12 young adults, and tickets average around $12 per person. Cards can be emailed, dropped off, or sent to us.

Requested Value: $100

Home Depot Gift Card

Our Building Manager has requested gift cards to help with the cost of purchasing overhead lights, ballasts, and other miscellaneous building supply needs. We are blessed to own this amazing space and we strive to be the best stewards possible.

Requested Value: $500

Amazon Wish List

We tried to make it easy by compiling all the items we need in one place. However, we invite you to purchase locally or from another vendor if the price is right. We are also open to amazon warehouse deals and gently used but fully functioning items from our list. Contact us if you have any questions.

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