Feeling The Tap On The Shoulder

Graffiti artist iNo praying hands artwork

Jon Dobbs taught my son in high school in the Bronx many years ago. Through a strange set of circumstances, he made connections with Graffiti. He has been serving here at Graffiti in assisting in our children’s program. Here is part of his testimony:

My name is Jon Dobbs; I was asked to testify. I’m not sure how it’s done, I’ve only seen it on T.V.

I was baptized 4 years ago at the age of 61. Why 61? Because my Lord kept tapping me on the shoulder…

A number of years ago my wife died unexpectedly in her sleep, she was 38 and she left me with her 10 year old son. At the same time my career was falling apart. And I didn’t know what to do. My grief was overwhelming. A short time later, some friends trying to lift my spirits took me to Vermont for a ski trip. On the trip I needed some time to be alone and looked for a Church just to sit and find some quiet time. So on a cold afternoon, with freezing sleet and winds I found the Church but…it was locked.

I just sat on the steps and broke down crying – through my sobs I asked for God’s love and compassion. At that moment, I felt a calm in my soul. I felt God tapping me on the shoulder. I then promised Jesus to get baptized. To speak of Faith is to speak of our human response to God’s revelation . . . it is a response to the invitation of being in a relationship with God, here now!

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