What Would Happen to the World if…

Giant Graffiti Hand pointing to person walking by

People kept their promises. What would happen if men kept their promise when they told a woman they loved her, and vice versa? What would happen if we really meant it when we said those words at the ceremony–for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. What would happen if we really kept our promise to God?

Much of our life is filled with the silly and absurd things we do, and a lot of it is just, well, laughable. But there is one serious thing we can do with our feeble little lives. We can keep a promise.

What would happen to our children if every family had a mother and father that kept their commitments? If daughters and sons were truly delighted in and respected?

Let’s be honest. Each of us has broken promises. We have betrayed, as one writer put it, things more important than a country. No sense in pointing fingers–we are all in the same boat. Thank God for real forgiveness. Still, we can’t go back and unscramble the eggs. But we can go forward. We have today. What if we just kept our promises today?

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