You Are All Alone…

Wasted Love by artist Fikos

In one of our groups, we are reading again the book of Lamentations–not the cheeriest of the books in the Bible. Some of the people in the group are currently homeless–others have had a rough time.
Here are some of the verses that leaped out for me today:

I am the only one he punishes over and over again, without ever stopping….
I am a joke to everyone–no one ever stops making fun of me….
That’s all I think about, and I am depressed.” Lamentations 3:3,14,20 (CEV translation)

There are no instructions here–these verses simply describe one of the ways it can feel when you are depressed.
For me, one of the most powerful aspects of being part of a group or gathering is realizing that other people have significant battlegrounds too, and some of them are the same as ours. In this season of Graffiti, we are focusing on gatherings, groups of people, even different types of consortiums.

That is the message I want to communicate–you are not the only one and not everyone is making fun of you.
You are not alone.

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