• Artist JR - Women Are Heroes

    No Time To Stand And Stare

    My mother used to recite the lines of a poem when we needed to stop and enjoy. It went like this: “What is this world if full of care, we

  • Graffiti of woman by artist Pyramid Oracle.

    No One Will Ever Complain

    “No one will ever complain if you stop your sermon five minutes early,” my wife used to tell me. I was at a meeting of pastors recently where a series

  • Graffiti of Chinese boy eating noodles

    Losing The Flavor

    You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Matthew 5: 13 NLT The elevator door opened and the smell of

  • Graffiti by artist MTO

    Finding Abundance

    We have been talking about abundance at church. Abundance can’t just mean outer circumstances. We all know about the misery of some wealthy people, suicides in mansions, overdoses by the

  • Artwork by Banksy

    I Can Plod

    William Carey was a missionary who worked tirelessly as a linguist and established a strong foundation for many Bible translations and educational facilities in India. He is the one who

  • bird artwork by Gabriel Spector

    Getting Things Done

    January is a good time to take stock and look ahead. I suppose in some way we all want to have a productive year. We want to be sure to

  • Graffiti let's adore and endure each other words

    Fighting The Right Fight

    You can’t see the picture when you are inside the frame. Any coming break from the normal routine gives us a chance to step outside the picture of our lives

  • Artwork by faith47

    Well Done Not Well Said

    This month we are focusing on the last letter that Paul wrote, according to many scholars–2 Timothy. In it, he gives some hard-nosed instructions to a young man. Among other

  • girl with headphones graffiti

    Tuning In

    Change is in the air–you can feel the cooler wind coming after the August heat. Time to decide what we value. In Proverbs, the spirit of Wisdom says, “listen to