• red heart

    A Wise Heart

    “A wise heart knows the right time and way.” Ecclesiastes 8:5 Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible talk a lot about knowledge and understanding and wisdom. There are things we need to know, but knowledge sometimes is not enough. A person can know a lot and still be a fool,

  • graffiti of a crocodile

    The Devil’s Turf

    However we express it, we all know deep down that there are some things in life that we will need to resist.  We have a fight of faith in life, not a fight against people or circumstances, but a fight for faith through those challenges. Anxiety is the devil’s turf.  It grinds

  • Graffiti art street mural of people shopping and eating.

    Serve the Unserved—Eat with Someone

    “Bum.” To be honest, that is what I thought when I first saw him. Nothing new here. His long beard was matted and dirty. His clothes were worn. He smelled like a hamster cage. It was clear he had been living on the street. He might be dangerous, or crazy.

  • graffiti artwork of toilets by matlakas

    Meet the Need First–Cleaning a Toilet

    They didn’t know what to do. They were in a neighborhood new to them, and they wanted to reach out to their neighbors. Many of these neighbors were from different countries, and some of them were having tough financial challenges. The group asked their leader what they could do for

  • De la Vega street art that reads Be Mindful Even If Your Mind Is Full


    Think how our own consciousness has changed. Over thousands of years, we processed our world in a certain way. A hundred and fifty years ago, telephones, radio, and movies didn’t exist. A hundred years ago, television had not even been invented. Forty years ago, we didn’t have the internet. Thirty

  • Graffiti art of lion with lamb

    God Keeps Losing

    God lets Abraham win the argument over how many righteous people need to be in the city in order to save it. God lets Jacob prevail in the wrestling match.  God lets Moses win the discussion over whether to destroy the people in the wilderness. Our Lord takes the position

  • Graffiti artist iNo praying hands artwork

    Feeling The Tap On The Shoulder

    Jon Dobbs taught my son in high school in the Bronx many years ago. Through a strange set of circumstances, he made connections with Graffiti. He has been serving here at Graffiti in assisting in our children’s program. Here is part of his testimony: My name is Jon Dobbs; I

  • Graffiit showing shepherd covering sheep with umbrella

    Meet the Need First…

    Not Meet the Need. One mother had come several times to be at our Toy Sale. She was not here this year. She had overdosed and died in the spring. Another mother had been beaten by her boyfriend a day before. Another mother had been waiting in line since 2

  • Graffiti of dancing kids with TV screens for heads

    Loneliness and the Screen

    Kenny Goubran, a freshman at New York University, made this provocative statement as he read “The Future of Loneliness,” an essay in The Guardian: “Loneliness, in a way, is not only determined by lack of company but rather, a lack of understanding.” As with anything, the internet provides both gains

  • street art of a camera taking a photo

    Small Is Big

    A couple of days ago, I saw the movie The Glass Castle, based on the best-selling book. The story tracks the trajectory of a family from the viewpoint of the daughter. It is an insightful and heartbreaking journey, filled with bravado, alcohol, and pain. The mother and father end up